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Inquiries for downloading movies


What kind of systems are recommended?

A. Recommended System Specification Requirement
Windows Macintosh
・CPU: 300MHz or more
・Memory: 256 MB or more
・Connection: ADSL/Cable or more
・CPU: G4 400MHz
・Memory: 126 MB
・Connection: ADSL/Cable or more


Do I have to prepare for any softwares to play the movies?

A. A. No, you do not have to prepare anything. You can watch our movies with Windows Media Player ver. 7 or over, which is already installed to your computers as standard OS.
Get Windows Media Player (free) here


Are there any limits for downloading movies?

A. In order to provide equal services to all our customers, we do not permit more than 10 GB to be downloaded per person per day.


How do I use the single download function?

A. We 're very sorry, but we do not allow the use of download software such as Reget or download managers such as FDM, since these may cause slowdowns or even errors on the server. We kindly ask you to use your standard browser to download from our website.
Please be advised that the use of download software or download managers may result in warnings, restriction of access or even immediate temporary or permanent suspension of your account. In case of suspension of the account there will be no refunds.


I can not download movies with MAC.

A. Please place your cursor over the Download start button while holding the ctrl key and a function menu should appear. Please choose "Download the link to disk" from the menu. However, in order to play the movie we recommend Quicktime (plug-in "Flip4Mac" will need to be installed).
※The free version of Flip4Mac is only for playing movies.
Download the free version of Flip4Mac for viewing movies.


It suddenly stopped downloading…

A. Quite often cases experienced by our customers that using VirusBuster 2003 by Trend Micro as antivirus software may give rise to your computer a download inability.You may upgrade it to the latest version or cease it temporarily while you download our movies and play to see if it works without any problems. Other problem may be caused by the packet loss of the upper rank networks, you may contact your ISP to confirm your status.

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